[VIDEO] Tinubu slips while boarding presidential parade vehicle at Eagles Square

‘It’s normal to fall’, Nigerians react

President Bola Tinubu on Wednesday slipped while boarding the parade vehicle at the venue of the 2024 Democracy Day.

The President had approached the vehicle shortly after he arrived at the Eagles Square, Abuja venue of the programme.

Our correspondent observed that the President lost his footing momentarily as he was about to step into the vehicle.

However, despite the slip, the President quickly regained his balance and continued with the proceedings.

The event at Eagles Square was part of a series of events to mark the country’s Democracy Day celebration.

However, some netizens took to social media to mock the President over the incident, while others downplayed it because the president went on with the ceremonial rounds.

See some of the reactions below.

Àràkunrin Olabisi, who posted as @OlabisiLaw, said: “It’s normal to fall. The most important thing was to rise again, which he firmly did. Nigeria will rise and be great again.”

On X.com, @xfactum, who posteds anonymously, said: “People are really looking for this man’s downfall.”

A tweep Maibitil Mni, who identifies as @Maibitil_ on X, said, “National Disgrace on National TV at Democracy Day. After blowing lies on Tv, his body no fit to hold those lies rather chooses to go down lowwwwwww for a minute.”

On X.com, @dammygtnet, who posted anonymously, wrote: “I will never laugh at this. This can happen to anyone. Even Joe Biden once experienced the same.

“My issue with President Tinubu is about his insensitive policies, which the populace is suffering from. He should do better or be booted out.”

On X.com, a user who uses the handle @Mr_francis55 said, “Oh no, God. Hope he didn’t injure himself.”

On X.com, @DrJHHyat, who posted anonymously, wrote: “I hope Mr. President is fine. The state of the economy came to mind.”

A tweep Andre, who identifies as @@Andree22_00 on X, said, “Instead of you people to say sorry to him. You are laughing. It can happen to anyone.”

On X.com, @OgechukwuChime, who posted anonymously, said, “Tinubu fall yakata. France hospital calling tomorrow.”

A tweep Abiola, who identifies as @Harbihorla4 on X, said, “Children of hate everywhere, it’s no big deal, it happens everywhere.”

You can watch the video here

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