I will soon die, says Odumeje

Chukwuemeka Ohanaemere, the controversial Onitsha-based pastor better known as Odumeje, says he has little time left to live on earth.

In a now-viral video, the cleric sang about what many have interpreted as his death.

In a musical performance on the pulpit of his church, Odunmeje said he would “leave the world” once he is done with his “mission”.

He added, in the Igbo language, that he was sent into the world by his maker to preach the gospel.

“I don’t have much time left on earth. I came into the world to work. I came to do the work God asked me to do. Jesus sent me into the world to work. Once I’m done, I will go back home,” the pastor said in the song.

“Odumeje has no time left. In a bit more time, the mighty will be gone. I named my son King David.

“I told him, ‘David, in no time, your father will be gone. Look at your siblings. Look at my family. I came to spread the gospel. When I’m done, I’ll be gone.’”

It is not immediately clear if there’s a precise context within which the pastor performed the song.

In 2021, Odumeje was in the news over his altercation with the now-late actress Ada Jesus.

Ada Jesus died at an Abuja-based hospital after a protracted battle with kidney disease.

In 2020, Ada Jesus accused Odumeje of staging fake miracles.

Not long after the entertainer’s allegations, she took ill and suffered paralysis that led to her death.

We earlier examined the personality of the clergyman, who has continued to gain prominence on the back of his unorthodox practices that have left opinions about him divided on social media.

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