Nationwide okada ban will render 40 million youths jobless –Group warns

The Amalgamated Commercial Motorcycle Riders Association of Nigeria says the federal government would cause 40 million residents of Nigeria to lose their source of income if it goes ahead to place a nationwide ban on commercial motorcycles.

The federal government through Abubakar Malami the Attorney-General of the Federation, said recently that it was mulling a ban on motorcycles in the country as a measure to fight insecurity.

But at a press conference in Abuja on Monday, Prince Shamsudeen Adebayo, the National Chairman of the union, said, “Without doubt, the council is proposing to put an end to the means of mobility and source of living of 40 million Nigerians directly. The number will increase, at least by another half when you consider those that are directly involved.

“Painfully, these are people whom the government failed to provide with meaningful employment or any form of sustainable empowerment.

“Using motorcycle as a means of commercial transportation has provided the needed job for millions of Nigerians and some of our members include higher institution graduates who would have been an added weight to an already overweight unemployed sector of the country.

“Has the government made any plans to absorb these sets of people into paid employment? Let us not forget that these millions of people have children, spouses and dependents who rely on these riders to provide for them.”

He also said, “The government should revive the economy for business to thrive. Today, the naira exchanges at N630 naira to a United States dollar and this deals a terrible blow to small-scale businesses. If a solution is found to power supply today, I am very confident that many youths who are involved in criminality will be gainfully employed.”

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