‘Churches should make DNA test mandatory for child dedication’

Activist Deji Adeyanju has said churches should ensure couples conduct a DNA test on their child before coming for child dedication ceremony.

He also advocated for DNA test to be promoted as a national policy.

He tweeted, “Abegiii my correct brother. DNA is a must. Let us promote it as national policy. Churches should make it mandatory for child dedication.”

Adeyanju’s post comes amid the marital drama between popular comedian and OAP, Chinedu Ani Emmanuel, and his estranged wife Uzoma Ohiri.

The OAP’s wife had taken to social media to accuse him of domestic violence which he denied.

In his rebuttal on social media, Nedu accused her of infidelity, adding that a DNA test revealed that he’s not the biological father of their first son.

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His post read in part, “Our marriage was one plagued with a lot of issues. One of which was continuous infidelity from her side that led to me conducting a paternity test on our kids which led to the revelation that our first son is not my biological son even though he was born within the period during which we were married.”

One Twitter user, @Tosanwumi, who reacted to Adeyanju’s advice, said, “Many men cannot stand the outcome. Depression will increase.”

“Depression will come and go… at least I will know if the children are mine or not,” @Tolanikawo7 replied Tosanwumi.

@patrick_ngr wrote, “Uncle Deji have you checked the price, I think the government should make the test free in all primary health cares.”

@MMandu10 wrote, “And the price/fee to conduct one should be reduced drastically.”

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