US House of Representatives takes first action against Trump after impeachment failure

The US House of Representatives has passed a resolution seeking to end America’s support for the Saudi-United Arab Emirate war in Yemen.

This was passed by 241-177 vote at the House and will now go to the Senate where lawmakers of both the Democratic and Republican will decide its final fate.

This is the first major action against President Donald Trump’s administration by the House after the Senate acquit him on the impeachment trial on Wednesday.

A similar bill that was passed in December 2019 by the Senate died when Congress adjourned for the year.

Democratic lawmaker, Jim McGovern, while talking about Trump’s participation in the war said on the floor of the House, “Nearly all of the bombs that have fallen say the same thing, `Made in the United States of America.’

“They fall on weddings. They fall on hospitals and on homes. They fall on funerals, refugee camps, and school buses.

“It is an aerial bombing campaign that hammers civilians every single day.”

Two amendments were added to the resolution before the final vote by the House.

The first bill gives way for continued intelligence-sharing with Saudi Arabia, while the second condemns anti-Semitism and declares that it’s the policy of the US to oppose trade boycotts against allies such as Israel.

The bill invokes the 1973 War Powers Act, which gave Congress the ability to end US involvement in a conflict if there was no formal declaration of war,” Al Jazeera reports.

Lawmakers of America’s upper legislative chamber had on Wednesday absolved President Trump of any wrongdoing.

The lawmakers voted was 52-48 in favour of the Republican on the allegation of abuse of power against Trump.

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