How Primate Ayodele prophesied death of Buhari’s aide

Foremost prophet, Primate Elijah Babatunde Ayodele, has once again been confirmed a true vessel of God, as another of his 2019 prophecies comes to pass.

At the public unveiling of the 2018/2019 edition of his annual prophecy book, Warnings to The Nations, in March 2018, Ayodele had urged the presidency to pray to avert ‘death in the Villa’. This prophetic warning published on page 47 of the book says “Let The President Pray Not To Lose Any of His Aides”.

Two days ago, an aide of President Muhammadu Buhari, Alhaji Tijani Yusuf, who was an assistant in charge of special duties, passed away.

According to the servant of God, only those with the gift of prophetic insights alone would understand divine messages in details, because obedience affects legacies.

“If we abide in God, He will abide in us and lead us on the narrow path,” Ayodele posits.

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